Diploma In Computer Financial Accounting & Graphics Designing

Diploma In Computer Financial Accounting & Graphics Designing
Course Code: DCFAGD
Course Monthly Fees: Rs. 600.00
If you want pay all over fees of the Course at one time, You get CCC Course Free OR you get 20% Discount in all Over Fees.

Offered Courses

-First Semester-


 Computer Fundamentals

Introduction Of Computer

History of Computer Evolution

Components of a Computer System

Generation of Computer

Classification of Computer

Computer Architecture


Concept of Hardware & Software

About Hard ware (Input Divive, Out Divice, Stroge Diveve)

About Software (System Software & Application Software)



Basic Commands of DOS



Simple Text Editer - Notepad


MS Paint

Basic Settings of Windows


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Office Power Point


Computerized Accounting


-Second Semester-


Adobe Photoshop

Introduction of photoshop & Basic Knowladge.


Adobe Pagemaker

Introduction of Adobe Pagemaker & Basic Knowladge.


Corel Draw

Introduction of Corel Draw & Basic Knowladge.


Internet & Email

Introduction of Internet, Creating Email ID and sending email and much more.


Print & Scan

Introduction of Kind of Printers and Scaners. Printing And Scanning Techniques.

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